Sunday Evenings, August 2 - September 20

Tricklock Performance Laboratory

110 Gold Ave SW, Albuquerque NM
Admission $7  |  All Shows 7:30pm  |  (505) 414-3738

For more information, email:

August 2

Kodama Trio

Robert Muller, Jeremy Bleich, Milton Villarrubia III

The Rampant Egos

Dwight Loop, Arnold Bodmer, Justin Parker, Kestrel Andrus

August 9

Ligeia Mare

Dave Willey, Mark Harris, Farrell Lowe, Elaine Difalco

Thollem Electric

solo electric piano and effects

August 16

Static Announcements

Keith Kelly, Ryan Anthony, Josh Bennett

Jeff Kaiser

Solo Trumpet, Electronics, Projections

August 23


Chris Jonas, Micah Hood, Jeremy Bleich, Justin Bransford, Milton Villarrubia III

Mustafa Stefan Dill / Brahim Fribgane Duo

August 30

Rich Halley 4

with Michael Vlatkovich, Clyde Reed, Carson Halley

Shock and Ommm...We are this Tall

Rick Dizenzo / Tim Sleigh Duo

September 6

Tin / Bag

Kris Tiner, Mike Baggetta

Janet Feder / Jane Rigler Duo

September 13


Johnny Bell, Damon Griffith, Sabrina Griffith, Lenore Gusch, Ben Gerhards, Michael Smith

Mighty Bull Durhams

Dan Clucas, Mike Balistreri, Mark Weaver

September 20

Small Measures

Steven Paxton, Mark Weaver, Caitlin Brothers gamelan, Jason Goodyear, Lisa Gill, Angelo Harmsworth